Conference Theme

Building Sustainable Futures: The Power of Public-Private Collaboration

Conference Topics
  1. Artificial Intelligence including Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, and Blockchain
  2. Building Information Modelling (BIM) including BIM adoption, BIM professions, (open)BIM standards, BIM in public procurement, Information Requirements, Digital vs BIM-based Building Permit Process, Implementation of CDE
  3. Circular Economy including Urban Mining, Sustainable Supply Chains, and Procurement Policies
  4. Digital Transformation including Communication, Interoperability & Standards, Geospatial and GIS, and Augmented/Virtual Reality
  5. Economics and Business Models including Cost-benefit Analysis and Benefits realization, Prices, Industry Collaboration
  6. Human Resources and Education &Training including Continuous Professional Development and Upskill of Workforce
  7. Facility Management including Asset Management, Environmental Sustainability, Compliance and Regulatory Aspects, Space Management, and Real Estate
  8. Health and Safety including Regulations and Standards, Training and Education, Mental Health, Personal Protective Equipment and Worksites and Equipment Safety
  9. Modern Building Technologies including Automation, Robotics and 3D Printing, Modular Construction, Logistics, Modern Tools and Techniques
  10. Productivity and Performance including Standards, Benchmarking, and Normative of work
  11. Project Management including Tools and Methods, Standards and Approaches, Agile and Lean Thinking
  12. Regulation and Policies, Legal Implications, Contracts, Law Aspects, Green Policies, ESG and Non-financial Reporting
  13. Resilience Engineering, Disaster Risk Management/Governance and Crisis Management
  14. Sustainability including Green Energy, Renewables and Smart Materials, Regenerative Design