Šibenik, Croatia

Šibenik, nestled along the stunning Dalmatian coast of Croatia, enchants visitors with its timeless beauty and rich historical tapestry. As one of the oldest Croatian cities, Šibenik proudly showcases its medieval heritage through a labyrinth of narrow cobblestone streets, adorned with centuries-old churches, imposing fortresses, and charming squares. The jewel of its architectural crown is the magnificent St. James Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site celebrated for its unique blend of Gothic and Renaissance styles. Beyond its architectural wonders, Šibenik captivates with its azure Adriatic Sea vistas, inviting visitors to bask in the sun on its pristine beaches or explore the nearby islands sprinkled along the coastline. With its warm Mediterranean climate, vibrant cultural scene, and delectable cuisine showcasing the region’s fresh seafood and local specialties, Šibenik beckons travelers to immerse themselves in its timeless allure.

Closest Airports near Šibenik:

-Split Airport (SPU)

-Zadar Airport (ZAD)


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Car (3 seats) = 160,00 EUR

Van (7 seats) = 180,00 EUR

*VAT is included.

Accommodation - Hotel Amadria Park Ivan & Jure

Amadria Park Ivan & Jure Hotels offer an unparalleled retreat on the picturesque Croatian coastline. Situated in Šibenik, these luxurious accommodations blend modern comfort with traditional charm, providing guests a seamless blend of relaxation and adventure. The hotels boast stunning sea views and lush Mediterranean greenery, offering a serene ambiance for travelers seeking rejuvenation. Guests can indulge in every aspect of their stay with pristine swimming pools, spa facilities, and gourmet dining options serving delectable Croatian cuisine.

For all inquiries about accommodation, price checks, and direct booking, please get in touch with us via: otmc@globtour.hr 


The Amadria Park Šibenik Convention Center stands as a beacon of sophistication and versatility on the Dalmatian coast, offering state-of-the-art facilities tailored to meet the needs of any event. With its panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea and adaptable spaces equipped with the latest technology, it provides the perfect backdrop for conferences, meetings, and special occasions, ensuring memorable experiences for attendees.