Istvan Sille

-Project Director for Operations in the “SuedLink” project at TenneT TSO GmbH-

Keynote talk: “Driving the Energy Change: SuedLink and Other Major Projects”

Istvan Sille is the Project Director for Operations in the “SuedLink” project at TenneT TSO GmbH, one of the four transmission system operators in Germany. With approximately 700 kilometers in length and a transmission capacity of four gigawatts, SuedLink is the largest infrastructure project of the energy transition in Germany.

In addition to SuedLink, Mr. Sille is also involved in other significant direct current initiatives crucial for the expansion and modernization of the German power grid. These new projects play a vital role in enhancing the energy efficiency and reliability of the grid and improving the integration of renewable energies.

Before his involvement in SuedLink and the new direct current projects, Mr. Sille worked in various roles, including the ICE4 project, change management at a vehicle manufacturer, and several plant projects in the United States. He is a passionate project manager, with professional expertise in project controls, financial management, and organizational development.