On Thursday, September 22nd, we warmly invite you to join the 1st of the series of workshops dedicated to the IPMA Ecosystem!
IPMA Ecosystem is the complete collection of products or services that the IPMA offers to society to achieve the IPMA’s strategic vision

Let us meet and discover the IPMA potential!

IPMA Ecosystem is a product portfolio containing the entire list of products, services, brands, and sub-brands available to all Member Associations – to promote and offer to its potential customers in a single or multiple geographies. These products vary in their contribution to a Member Association operation and how they can profit from them.

Each Member Association should perform the product portfolio management process by analysing each product’s performance in its unique context. The resulting analysis contributes to product development and strategy planning, such as deciding what products to invest in, determining how to approach their context to take advantage of opportunities, and identifying products that need adjusting.

The more familiar all Member Associations will be with IPMA Ecosystem and IPMA brand, the more likely they will support their operations and business model. Just by knowing the IPMA Ecosystem, a potential consumer will have an easier time trusting you than your competitors.
We want to warmly welcome all Member Associations to involve, engage, improve and recognize our product Ecosystem and take advantage of our global brand!

During our workshop, you will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers, participate in a nertworking game and tombola, and try the IPMA products by tasting IPMA Ecosystem smoothies – that you will be able to prepare yourself!

Come and join us on September 22nd, at 2 pm – during the IPMA SENET event in Cavtat, Dubrovnik!