The 3rd IPMA Megaprojects Special Interest Group Meeting

Megaprojects are extremely large-scale investment projects that typically cost more than 0.5 billion EUR or 1 billion USD. Megaprojects are united by their extreme complexity, both in technical and human terms. Globally, 20% of the total global gross domestic product (GDP) is invested in capital projects/megaprojects. Their purpose is to make the “mega” change important not only for the client and contractors, but also for the community itself.  The IPMA recognizes the importance of megaprojects in delivering the needs of the society and the complex challenges that they present in project delivery.

IPMA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are an engaging way to get involved in IPMA internationally. We are working across many different countries and time zones to solve some the most important questions facing projects success today.

The Megaprojects SIG investigates tools, techniques and technologies for improving large-scale construction projects. It is designed to encourage the development of standards, tools, practices, and competencies in megaproject project management as well as support future megaproject-related activities, including the organization of events, advanced courses, the inclusion of streams at the World Congress etc.

This year the IPMA Megaproject SIG meeting will take place in parallel with the IPMA Research Conference 2019 and International Conference on Organization, Technology and Management in Construction. The topic of the 3rd IPMA Megaprojects Special Interest Group Meeting is:“Megaprojects: from people to people”.

The “3rd 2019 IPMA Megaprojects SIG meeting” aims at bringing together individuals, groups, SIGs working with megaprojects and exchanging experiences, activities and know-how, gathered on the national and international level . The key objective is to create a platform for future joint actions regarding megaproject project management developments and practices.