This seminar has been designed to support researchers aiming to publish their research in highly respected project management journals. The presenters of this session will be Professor Martina Huemann (Editor-in-Chief at  International Journal of Project Management) and Professor Giorgio Locatelli (Senior Editor at the Project Management Journal). The seminar has four sessions

  1. – “The writer perspective”. Giorgio will provide practical suggestions and lessons learned from his activities as the author of scientific papers
  2. – “The editor perspective”. Martina will explain the editorship process, including the criteria for accepting/rejecting papers, and best practices in writing
  3. – “Hands-on exercise”. Based on the two previous presentations, the participants have the opportunity to work on the preparation of an abstract or paper structure
  4. – “The feedback”. Selected participants will be invited to publically share their abstracts or papers structure receiving feedbacks from Giorgio and Martina


Professor Martina Hueman
Editor in Chief
International Journal  of Project Management
Vienna University of Economics and Business


Professor Giorgio Locatelli

Senior Editor
Project Management Journal
University of Leeds


Date: Thursday, Sep 5, 2019
Time: 16:30 – 18:00h